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Here's the tapes that's been released by
Håll Käften Rasmus so far:

HKR 001
Sthlm Hardcore/Crust Scene 2001
Second Thought, Frontlash, Imperial Leather, Skeletor, Östermalm Boys, Scumbrigade, Maus, Hatet Växer, Late Night Raid, Totalitär, Sayyadina, Sunday Morning Einsteins, I Quit, Burning Kitchen and Meanwhile.
Playtime: 60 min
Released: January 2002
Comments: H.K.R.'s first release. Pretty delayed because both our cassette recorders fukked up when we were doing the master-tape. What's the odds of that happening?!! Anyway, on this cassette 15 bands from Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) team up with music such as hardcore, crust, punkrock. All envolved in the punk/d.i.y. scene in Stockholm.

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